What’s the Difference Between Roof Windows, Skylights and Light Tunnels?

Roofing system window, skylights and light tunnels are all kinds of windows that are suited the roof of a home. They all look great and let plenty of light into the space, however despite serving a similar function, they each have some essential distinctions.

Roofing system Windows
A roofing system window is a type of window that’s repaired into your roofing, unusually enough. It’s different from the other varieties included here in large part because it has the ability to open and close. Roofing windows tend to be designed to permit the occupant of the room to see out in the surrounding area, and they tend to be built into the side of angled roofs.

A skylight, by contrast, is a window that’s located very high up, far out of reach. They’re usually not created to be opened, and are planned to permit light in instead of provide a view out. That stated, some designs can be opened, normally by means of a remote control device.

Light Tunnels
A light tunnel is something totally various. It’s a long tube, the interior of which is covered in a reflective finish. This tube leads from the roofing of a building down into a hole in the ceiling. At the top, you’ll likely find a transparent dome which is developed to catch as much sunlight as possible and pass it downward. At the bottom of the tunnel you’ll discover a frosted plastic or glass disc called a diffuser– which is created to make sure that the sunlight being shuttled down into the room tops as big a space as possible. Light tunnels will have the most affordable influence on the outside of a house– though some examples can deal with a conventional window instead of a dome.

Which are best?
If you ‘d like to present a little extra light into your interior space, then any of the gadgets we’ve taken a look at will provide it, but some will make a better fit for your area than others. If you’ve converted your loft, and have an angled wall readily available, fitting it with a large roof window will provide you with a view over the surrounding area. If you’ve got a high ceiling which no-one can reach, setting up a repaired skylight might be simply what’s needed to lighten up the location up. For locations into which it’s hard to get natural light by any other ways, and where personal privacy might be preferred, a light-tunnel might work well– a toilet or bathroom being among the very best examples.

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