I live in Newham and love the area, always lived here and always will, love my football and the people in the area. My whole family are local, born and bred in Newham, Barking and the local area. We have all travelled a bit but love England and the south east area.

The family have been involved in several local businesses; locksmiths, glazing, fish mongers and even trading in London. All good solid jobs and we support the local community and West Ham for our sins!!

The locksmith and glazing businesses have been very good to us and we have been very good to our local community, because in an emergency, which these businesses are set up to be of service is when you really need someone urgently.

Our local locksmiths and glaziers are very good and work hard for the community and for their families, so they have mostly become successful and made a good income for the family. Good honest labour never killed anyone, well so my good old mum used to say.

So support your local community where you can, we are here for you and better than the national big boys. The local businesses as I mentioned and plumbers, electricians, builders & roofers are all very good and the local ones are the best by far.

The local tradesmen are community supporters and will take on all projects to help you in your house with any emergency.